Students create guidelines to prevent Covid-19 in Madurese for Village of Banangkah

UNAIR NEWS – One of the Community Service Program – Learning with Community (KKN-BBM) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has successfully conducted a community service program in Morkonah hamlet, Banangkah Village, Burneh Sub-district, Bangkalan Regency, Madura. The area was chosen because the people are still quite left behind and must be empowered.

Community service story in Kangean, children invited to learn foreign language

UNAIR NEWS – “Education is the right of every citizen, therefore providing access must be in line with demands that have been heralded by the government. The government must not turn a blind eye to disadvantaged children. In this case, the provision of online learning media must be facilitated accordingly, “said Eko Wahyudi on Sunday,…

Here’s how to distinguish false information and facts

UNAIR NEWS – Temperature gun hoax and haram klepon cake commotion have spread very quickly in the community through the internet and social media. It is certainly not a trivial matter because during the pandemic, almost all community activities were diverted to various online spaces that were very vulnerable to false information.

Recyling coconut shell waste into cups

UNAIR NEWS – The 62nd Real Work Lecture Program – Community Learning (KKN-BBM) at Airlangga University (UNAIR) in mid-2020 looks different from before. During the pandemic, UNAIR continues to carry out community service program by implementing the health regulation.

BEM FKG distributes aid to communities affected by Covid-19

UNAIR NEWS – “Life is very beautiful, as beautiful when we can share with others sincerely,” said Rafly Zauko as the person in charge of Dentinar FKG UNAIR 2020 donation activities. Student Executive Board (BEM) FKG through its community service has distributed food and safety kits aid for Covid-19 affected communities in Surabaya.

Trapped in a toxic friendship, here is how to deal with it

UNAIR NEWS – A toxic friendship is an unhealthy friendship environment that has the potential to interfere with psychological health. In this case, toxic friendship can make someone feel stress, sadness, anxiety, self-doubt, feeling abused, feeling not being yourself, loss of trust, and making individuals always feel giving.

Know and understand the dangers of toxic friendship

UNAIR NEWS – Humans are basically social creatures who cannot live alone. In this case, one of the most influential social environments on the character and psychological life of humans is the environment of friendship. Friendship often has positive influences such as making life happier, getting a good support system, reducing loneliness, and making life…

The role of pharmacy in medical devices and cosmetics industry

UNAIR NEWS – The pharmaceutical sector always develops from time to time. Especially during the current pandemic, the pharmaceutical sector is increasingly showing its role in the medical industry. In Pharmacy Alumni Discussion Sharing Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) on Sunday, June 21, Apt. Rezki Meidayanti, S.Farm., revealed the role of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment industry.