AADC 2 gives tips for staying productive amid pandemic

UNAIR NEWS – Staying productive in the pandemic era is neither easy nor difficult, it depends on each personality because during a pandemic, almost every activity is expected to be carried out online, with minimal direct dissemination. Boredom, lack of facilities, limited space could be the cause of less productivity, as stated by some AADC 2 participants.

2020/2021 lecture-discussion through “NGOPI with CIKA”

UNAIR NEWS – In a few days, the new semester 2020/2021 will be held. Lecturers are busy looking for the best in compiling the lecture system. Students wonder how the policy decisions about lectures at the beginning of the new school year. What lecture system policy will be implemented. B-PHA UNAIR, Hima Kesmas Banyuwangi Public…