Sleazy Starbucks Indonesia employees caught ogling female customer’s cleavage through CCTV

Two male employees at Starbucks Indonesia who were filmed ogling and zooming in on the cleavage of a female customer through a CCTV monitor might face disciplinary action following a massive online reproach.

A number of screen recordings of an Instagram story originally uploaded by one of the two men, identified by his initials DD, started circulating yesterday on Twitter. In the video, the men can be heard laughing as they inappropriately zoomed in on a woman, who was sitting on a sofa, focusing on her cleavage.

According to reports, the two men are employees of a Starbucks outlet located in the Sudirman area of Central Jakarta. 

“I saw an Instagram story of a friend who works at Starbucks, how scary is that! Is this what the back office employees do? This is so creepy, I’m scared,” the tweet reads.

The tweet quickly went viral after it was uploaded yesterday evening, with many netizens condemning the employees for their reprehensible act and some aptly describing them as creepy. They were unsurprisingly called out for sexualizing a woman who was just minding her own business, as others also pointed this out as an example of why women find it unsafe to be in public space. 

Many Twitter users also urged Starbucks Indonesia to look further into the case and take firm action against the two men, to which the American coffee chain has since responded with a template.

“We apologize for the incident that occurred and circulated on social media. We have investigated and taken firm action to the employees concerned. Once again we apologize and we will make sure that such an incident will not be repeated,” Starbucks Indonesia wrote in one of their replies.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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