KRL Commuterline urges offices to adjust working hours amid overcrowded trains

PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI), the operator of KRL Commuterline, says they are “overwhelmed” with the ever-growing number of passengers that they have to serve while maintaining COVID-19 protocol, further suggesting that offices in the Greater Jakarta Area should regulate working hours to ease up passenger traffic.

KCI has recorded a weekly increase of train passengers since the beginning of transitional period of the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) protocol in June. More than 356,000 passengers were recorded on Monday, showcasing a four percent increase from the previous week. 

With a daily average of about 350,000 passengers, about 66 percent of them use the trains in the mornings and evenings, with most passenger increase recorded during the rush hour periods. 

PT KCI said the ever-growing passengers are overwhelming their services, as they are also required to maintain COVID-19 health protocols. This includes the limitation of 74 people per train, and controlling the number of commuters in the station by limiting entries. 

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The company is now urging offices to regulate their employees’ working hours in shifts, in accordance with a circular published by Indonesia’s COVID-19 Task Force.

“With the gradual work system for employees as stipulated in the circular, the number of commuters during rush hour can be more evenly distributed and allow [KRL Commuterline] passengers to avoid long lines at the stations during those times,” PT KCI’s spokesperson Anne Purba said in the written statement.

While PT KCI has implemented a number of health protocols at the stations and onboard the trains, long queues have been cited as one of the highest risks of COVID-19 transmission.

There are currently 938 KRL Commuterline trips operating from 4am to 9pm per day, with Bogor/Depok lines (Bogor/Depok to Jakarta Kota and Jatinegara stations) being the busiest routes, with a total of 388 trips and a five-minute headway during rush hours.

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